Thursday, July 26, 2012


So, over a month ago, J and I were talking about rain- especially rains in Bombay and how we missed them! (considering I am in Hyderabad at the moment :( ).

While going back home from work that evening, I happened to visit the Himalaya Book store (to purchase a magazine). They have a vast stationery collection and I happened to notice this umbrella punch they had!

I love punches and this one was just so cute. It also fit with the day's theme - "Rain"!

My roomie motivated me to do something with it right away. She too loves punches and punched out almost a hundred small umbrellas.

We put them to use by creating a double sided bookmark that said "RAIN" on both sides. We used a brown and a lime green coloured paper for this.

These letters were cut by hand. I think I should buy a stencil of the English alphabet for perfection.

Anyway, what do you think??

This is apt for that book you curl up with under your blanket on a rainy day! :)

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