Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Office Clip Bookmarks

I had seen some office clip bookmarks a long time back on an art blog, but never got around to making one.

Until today afternoon. I saw a purple office clip lying around on my computer desk, and I had recently purchased these stickers from a handicapped person in a local train.

I stuck two stickers of the same type on either side of the clip and I had made a bookmark in seconds! :D

That brought a storm of ideas to my mind and with some more stickers, waste card paper, bindis and mod podge, I came up with these :

This is how they look from the back:

The first one from the left has my initial on the back :)

And the third one from the left is sort-of a message: "U hold the key" meaning, you hold the key to all that goes around you. A dose of philosophy :P

This is how they look on the book:

This says a lot about a "bookmark" (a footprint always leaves a mark behind..) :

And this I made by sticking stickers onto one another:



On the book! :

Will be making some more, in different ways hopefully.. will upload as and when I make them! :)