Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Easy Pillow

Last week, Sakhi had shared this video on Facebook which was on how to make a pillow out of a tshirt (with zero sewing):

As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to try it.. and in the next ten minutes, I was down with scissors and an old piece of silk cloth that mom had in her cupboard (that she never used to make a blouse out of). I could use a tshirt as well, but I don't have an old tshirt that looks as good as the one in the video. I wear tshirts till they start to fade :P and who would want to spoil a brand new tshirt anyway? Also, it was a good opportunity to put the silk cloth to some use.. it couldn't be used to stitch a blouse as it was wearing out.

Instead of making a round pillow, I decided to make a rectangular one. I folded the cloth and drew a square like this:

If you look closely, you can see my pencil marking..

I started cutting vertical strips from the (outer) edge of the cloth to the inner square like this:

And then, I just had to tie knots between a strip of the upper cloth and the corresponding strip of the cloth below. Within thirty to forty five minutes, my pillow was ready (well, almost)!

I left one side untied, so that I get an opening to fill cotton/fibre/sponge or a plain pillow inside.

My next task was to fill it with cotton or fibre. Sakhi had suggested using fibres that are easily washable, but I decided to get a small pillow made of fibre instead. I thought it'd be easy to wash the two separately.

I finally got the pillow today (after much delay from their end).

And I stitched one of mom's old buttons onto it (that was the only sewing bit):

Ironed the cover a bit, put the pillow inside, and tied the knots of the side that I had left open. My pillow was ready!!

Mom's cloth and her old button.. makes this pillow all the more comforting! :)

There are different ways you can make this more attractive. For example, if you choose a cloth with a border (e.g. saree cloth with zari), you can use the border for those strips so that your strips look a different colour (and texture) than the pillow. Alternatively, you can also stitch up a cloth of a different colour around the edges and use that for the strips! :)

It is time to clear your cupboard of old sarees, blousepieces, tshirts that you can't wear anymore and put them to use! :)

How do you like it?