Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Orange peel body scrub

It's been a while since I posted here.. not that I haven't been doing much craft- just that I get lazy to click pictures and..hmm.. *running out of excuses* ..oh well, I've just been lazy!

Anyway, so recently, I was in a mood for some pampering (I am always in the mood! :P) and came across this orange peel scrub recipe on Sakhi's blog.

I decided to try it out immediately..

First, I dried some orange peels in my room. I forgot to put them out in the sun but it was actually a good thing that I didn't, because later I read somewhere that the citrus in the peels reduces when dried under direct sunlight. (Take note!)

After about a week, I ground them but could not do so properly to the powder form. There were some big pieces remaining but I didn't mind it and let them be there. You might want to grind them as soon as they are dried & hard (after about 2-3 days) and not wait for a week or two like I did because they start to smell a little bitter (along with smelling like orange, which they are supposed to). I didn't have a mixer where I'm put up right now and so I had to wait to go home to do it.

Olive Oil

Dried and ground orange peel

Next, I missed this peel powder (along with the pieces that didn't get ground properly) with granulated sugar and olive oil.

Dried and ground orange peel mixed with olive oil and granulated sugar

The mixture still smelled a little bitter but the scrub, once applied on the body loses the bitter smell and actually smells good. I tried it on.. My body felt super soft and I was smelling like orange cream biscuit :D

The skin on my face is sensitive so I didn't try applying it on my face but it works wonders on the body.. :)

Filled it in this little yellow-orange jar I got from "China Bazaar". I might try to decorate this jar too!

Thank you Sakhi for sharing the recipe! :)

And now for all you "crafty" people out there, she has hosted a give-away on her blog. She's giving away a lot of craft supplies like wood embellishments, handmade paper sheets, cardstock punch outs etc. and you have to be really lucky to get all those goodies.. all you have to do is post a comment there! So go on, type out a comment telling her how much you want it and how you'll put it to use..  and keep your fingers crossed!!

Do take part and better hurrrryyy!!!


  1. Did you use the scrub? Isn't it yummy? :D

    And hey, thanks for the "give-away" link... Let's see who gets the prize :)

  2. @Sakhi Yes I tested it on my arm. It did smell yummy - just like orange cream biscuit :D And my skin felt smooth & soft. Yet to use it on the whole body. Will do it soon!

    And you're welcome.. let's see who the luck favours! :)