Monday, October 31, 2011

Diyas, Art and first contest!

If you've seen my earlier post, a lot of people asked me if the coconut shell burns when you light the diya. I had not given it a thought before making the diya as I thought I would cut the wick really short later to avoid it touching the rim of the shell. I am a risk taker in such matters anyway, which is risky for people living with me :P But my dad had confidently said it won't burn. My uncle confirmed it for me by saying it has something to do with the density of the coconut shell. I took pictures of it when it was lit. I lit the diyas for a good 4-5 hours each and I can assure you now that it won't burn the shell a bit.

I cut the wicks short later so that they don't touch the rim.

You can safely make use of the empty shells at your place :)

In other news, recently, someone asked me what art meant to me. I was surprised that I had never given it a thought before. It is something very abstract and personal. But after pondering over the question some more, I came to a conclusion that art, for me, is seeing a soul in a form. When you create, you are giving a form to your soul or heart or your inner self. When you create, you are one with the universe, you are in the moment or in the flow, and that is when your soul shows itself completely- in your eyes, on your face, in each one of your movements and in your art work/creation! :)

Also, each soul is unique.

It is also often said that the secret ingredient to most things is love. If you do something whole-heartedly, the end result is beautiful even if it is imperfect. Art is as abstract as your soul. It is never right/wrong or logical. It just *is*.

I know that each one will have a different answer to what art means to them. The answers also change over time, so I just thought of holding a small contest. I know it's too soon to host a contest on my blog but couldn't find a more appropriate time and reason to do so. 

I am not very good at cooking or making Diwali sweets, but I did try making a few rum,raisin & almond chocolates. My friends tasted some and they have safely made it through their lives :P Jokes apart, I am quite pleased with the way they have turned out so I thought I'd give away a box of 15 of these chocolates to the one with the best answer to the question "What does art mean to you?"! :) Of course, you cannot judge each one's interpretation of art but you can always judge the way of putting it across.

 So.. the rules are... there are no rules!! :D All you have to do is answer the question: "What does art mean to you?". You can post a comment here with your answer and email address. If your answer is lengthy and you'd like to express it in the form of a blog post instead of as a comment, you can do so. Just share the link to your post & provide your email address as a comment to this post. If you want to express it with an image or with your art work, that's okay too. Just provide the URL of your image/work along with your email address as a comment.

Entries will be accepted till the 15th of November and I will announce the winner on my blog besides contacting him/her separately. So do take part!!

I am so excited :D


  1. When the word art crosses my mind, first thing hits my mind is a guy wid big beard and moustaches with a weird hand-bag filled with brushes and colours, some sketches maybe...but in a way, we all are artists. We utilize something to express over selves. Rappers/lyricists, actors, dancers, chefs, salesmen, entrepreneurs, potters, and house-wives too for that matter, we are all artists.
    Coz we create something, we contribute something to paint this world every day. Art is what you find beauty in and why it differs from person-person is coz beautiful thing to me could be not that appealing to you. So art to me is to contribute to what you love, it may be for a moment or may be life-long. ;)

  2. The chocolates are really nice. From first hand-to-mouth experience :)

  3. Art is a just a story-telling experience. Anything that has human emotion, interpretation and a story behind it is art.
    It could be a kiss, a painting, a musical note, a book, a task that results in love...
    Something that we are willing to talk about,listen to,gaze at without any motive :)

  4. Hmm.. interesting contest! :) Well.. The most beautiful thing about Art is the feeling that you are creating something, something which was non-existent for moments ago is being created, to the tune of giving it a life - the pulsating, breathing, reverberating aura, a substance, which tells a million stories about the creator. It gives individual perception a whole new dimension, opens up whole new possibilities, a whole new world in itself which encompasses every emotion, thought, feeling, passion of the individual. An austere form of love, a strong live force which radiates and touches and bonds with every other creation on this earth giving the creator the unparalleled satisfaction, a kind of a drug-less high which forces him to revisit his passion again and again, however small and simple his creation maybe. Art is a way of life.

  5. Art for me is an integral part of my life, a way of life!It IS my life :)

  6. Art for me is the practice of creating, designing & presenting something that pleases the heart..
    Anu, i also agree to your views when you say every art-creation is soul's design.. Every artistic creation is in some way unique, as is every soul..
    I have few art pictures to share..
    Pictures are of artistic Diwali candles made by my cousin who sadly is not blessed with intellectual capabilities that most of us behold.. But she has passion for two things: Shahrukh Khan and drawing, painting & creating art forms..
    Here's Kalpaswi: (click d link below)

    Following are the links to the pictures of a candle, her mother gifted me ths Diwali; which may stun even trained artists..
    (created by Kalpaswi & her maid volunteer)

    She may not understand & react to everything as we do, BUT this girl beholds & portrays emotions that even many normal beings may not.
    Her art redefines a famous statement as- 'Beauty Lies in the Soul of the Beholder'

    Hey btw nice blog!! n sorry for a longgg komment!!

  7. Hey Nissim I am glad you liked them but you have to keep that to yourself :P Else no one will take part and will just ask me for them instead :D

  8. I am happy to see so many answers, and all of them are so lovely I'm really going to have a hard time deciding which one is the best one!! Thank you so much guys..

  9. Art is a way for expressing one's thoughts into something materialistic.It is how we are able to connect with nature and with people.It is art of blogging that connects you and me ! :D

  10. sagar, thank you for your answer. Could you hyperlink your name (with your blog/website URL) or provide an email address here?

  11. Art...brings out the joy in you and transforms itself into a creation by you...may be the joy inside you at that point of time will fade away with time...but the creation by you will definitely immortalize your happiness till your last breath ;) ;)

  12. my id:

    i loved your artsy-me blogs! keep up d good work ;)

  13. @Anubha I guess @Nissim is jus helping in convincing the participants that we r fighting for something really good and its worth it! ;)

  14. for me art mean one of the way or form
    through which u can express what u actually are or what phase ur
    going through, from inside,to the world.
    it helps us to identify a person

    art also gives a chance to reflect ur emotion or to translate ur joy, happiness or depression in some form.
    i remember 1 my student once showed his collections of poem which he wrote when he was depressed
    he transformed his depression into poem to come out of it. :)

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  16. Art... art... what is this "art"?
    Well, "art" is all that touches my he(art)...
    it's not just here, nor merely there...
    true "art", in fact, is everywhere..
    from a nicely-made t(art)...
    to the village m(art)...
    a hand-painted c(art)...
    a well-enacted p(art)...
    a tiny, warm he(art)h...
    or God's entire e(art)h...
    Sometimes i get it, sometimes i do not...
    cos, sometimes, for me, 'tis a li'l too sm(art)
    but from a mother's he(art)...
    to a child's toy-c(art)...
    it's an integral p(art)icle in every whole...
    it's an intrinsic p(art) of my very soul...
    What, you ask, is this "art"?
    Well, that's the answer, from the bottom of my he(art)... :-)
    .......................... -AU

  17. frst of all i used to hate art(craft) in primary n drawing in scondary....cuz i used to never score well in dem..:(
    art fr me now would b wer one can alwzyz outcome the other in ex Ronaldino ws considered god in dribbling(art)bt den cristano proved it wrong he ws just great...

    i jus mean to say wen i see sumthn that makes me say dat is D Best....would be Art fr me...
    where no one can outdo it...dat point is art fr me...:))
    I call it Crème de la crème...


  18. If your life is burning well, art os the ash.

  19. Thank you for all your replies guys! :) I am going to have a hard time picking out the best one!

    Further entries won't be counted for the contest but you can post your views or answers if you feel like :)